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Accessory An article which, whilst not being a device, is intended specifically by its manufacturer to be used together with a device to ensure the correct usage of the device
Active device for diagnosis Any active medical device, whether used alone or in combination with other medical devices, to supply information for detecting, diagnosing, monitoring or treating physiological conditions, states of health, illnesses or congenital deformities
Active medical device Any medical device operation which depends on a source of electrical energy or any source of power other than that directly generated by the human body or gravity and which acts by converting this energy
Active therapeutical device Any active medical device, whether used alone or in combination with other medical devices, to support, modify, replace or restore biological functions or structures with a view to treatment or alleviation of an illness, injury or handicap
Administration set (intravenous) A device used to administer fluids from a container to a patient's vascular system through a needle or catheter inserted into a vein. The device may include the needle or catheter, tubing, flow regulator, drip chamber, filter, stopcock, fluid delivery tubing, connectors, capped side tube to serve as an injection site, and hollow
Air Contrast Technique for performing x-ray of digestive tract by which air and barium are mixed to get best contrast
Alligator forceps A grasping instrument with teeth used in endoscopic extraction of foreign bodies
Alloy A mixture or solution of two or more metals
Analgesic A drug that reduces or relieves pain
Anesthesiologist A physician specialist who administers anaesthesia, usually for the purpose of performing surgery
Angiography The x-ray visualisation of blood vessels after injection of a radiopaque substance.
Angioplasty A medical procedure used to repair a damaged or diseased artery
Anthropometry The field that involves the measurement of the dimensions and other physical characteristics of people and the application of this information to the design of things they use
Aortic aneurysm An abnormal dilation of the main artery leaving the heart, resulting from disease of the vessel wall
Arteriovenous Malformation Abnormal communication between an artery and vein producing dilated vessels
Ascites Abnormal collection of fluid in the abdominal cavity
Aspiration Withdrawal by suction, usually of liquid; the taking of foreign material into the lung during inspiration
Audiometer An electronic device that produces acoustic stimuli of known frequency and intensity for the measurement of hearing
Autoimmunity A condition characterised by an immune response against constituents of the body's own tissues
Autologous Originating from within the organism itself
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