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Now that Medical Devices In Scotland (MDIS) has incorporated, it can offer membership to those businesses and organisations operating within the medical device community in Scotland.  Some but not all membership categories require you to be have a base in Scotland, and a level membership exists that recognises that companies outside of Scotland may not be able to participate in some of the MDIS activities, however you are still very welcome to join the community. 

MDIS has already received a good response for membership from local companies and a network now exists that you can immediately become a part of.

Our Chairman, Roy Smith CE of NMT Group plc writes: "This is my invitation to you to join Medical Devices In Scotland (MDIS), and I hope that you will find sufficient reasons to take up my offer and use our planned services, some of which are outlined below:

  • Member events through out the year
  • Regular networking opportunities
  • An e-newsletter of industry news and views
  • Website listings for members
  • Presence at national and international exhibitions, including MEDICA
  • Assistance with expansion into new markets
  • Exposure to national and international business opportunities
  • Access to information on sources of funding
  • Assistance to entrepreneurs with device ideas

MDIS is embryonic; and with your support, involvement and feedback it will develop rapidly to critical mass and be a strong and successful organisation.  MDIS is developing services that meet the needs of its members, so we really want to hear from you.  We are endeavoring to create the platform during the early months to meet your aspirations."

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Categories of Membership:

  1. Founder
  2. Ordinary
  3. Associate
  4. Affiliate
  5. Sponsor
  1. Founder
    Membership at founder level provides the full range of membership benefits.  Members must have a business base in Scotland that is involved mostly in the medical devices sector.  As a founder member you will be entitled to attend and vote at General meetings; be eligible for nomination and election to the Board; have a home page listing on the MDIS web site; recognition on MDIS marketing materials; attend MDIS events at reduced rates.
  2. Ordinary
    Membership for this category is open to any company with a base in Scotland that is mostly involved in the medical devices sector.  The cost of membership in this year is dependant on the size of the organisation. 
    As an ordinary member you will be entitled to attend and vote at General meetings; be eligible for nomination and election to the Board; have a link on the MDIS web site; attend MDIS events at reduced rates.
  3. Associate
    Associate membership is offered to any business with an interest in the medical devices sector.  This membership does not provide any voting rights or access to MDIS General Meetings; however associates will be welcome to attend MDIS events at full costs; and may, for a small charge per insert benefit from a company listing on
  4. Affiliate
    Affiliate membership category aims to encourage and attract members from the university academic departments and NHS Trusts wishing to be part of the MDIS network.  It is envisaged that membership will be of interest to those involved in the development of ideas and technologies, or materials that have medical devices applications.  Additionally, affiliate membership is open to other ‘not for profit’ organisations as partners of MDIS.  Affiliate members will have access to the MDIS General meetings, but will have no voting rights.  The Board reserves the right to co-opt affiliate members to join the Board.
  5. Sponsors
    Sponsorship is invited from companies with an interest in medical devices.  Sponsors receive individual mention on MDIS marketing materials, link from, and access to MDIS events.  Sponsors contribution is negotiable.

For any category of Membership please complete the membership application form.  For costs and additional information on memberships please contact us.