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Frequently Asked Questions

We have prepared this document as a quick reference to answer some of the questions our customers and visitors frequently ask us about the Medical Device Institute. It is divided into the three categories: FAQs for Users, Clients and advertisers, and General questions. If you can't find the answer to your question, please Contact Us.

User Questions

Q. How can the Medical Device Institute benefit me?
A. The Medical Device Institute gives you easy and fast access to medical device manufacturing information throughout Scotland. The Medical Device Institute is comprehensive, user-friendly, and rich with resources. We offer support, advice and information, a valuable resource for a developing medical device manufacturer. Lastly, the site is free.

Q. Where can I buy/find out who makes a particular medical device?
A.The Medical Device Institute lists companies that manufacture medical devices and those that supply equipment, disposables and/or services throughout Scotland. You can search the Companies database or browse the Medical Device Suppliers.

Q. Where can I find information on the pharmaceutical industry and medicines?
A. The Directory section has an extensive list of links to medical and pharmaceutical industry sites. Also refer to the Ancillary company section.

Q. I have appropriate development news for the "In the News" section. How do I let you know?
A. Just Contact us the news and someone will contact you to discuss your information.

Q. I am researching a particular topic relating to the British health-care industry. Can you tell me where I can find more information?
A. The Medical Device In Scotland is unable to assist individuals with specific research projects. However, you might find it helpful to visit the Web Search section which lists a wide range of useful links.

Client / Advertiser Questions

Q. How do I get my company listed in your directory?
A. Please Contact us outlining your business and indicate the appropriate directory or directories.

Q. I am included in the directories, but the information has changed / is not accurate. How do I update my contact information?
A. Please Contact us? with the correct information. Be sure to include enough information for us to find you in the database as well as details of the information that is incorrect.

Q. Is there a charge for listing my company in your ancillary directory?
A. At present inclusion in the directories is free. We reserve the right to charge in the future.

Q. How can I become a "Featured Company"?
A. All medical device manufacturers and associated service companies can be included in our Featured Company Profile. This service is free. To apply for inclusion please Contact us.

Q. How do I get my press releases included in the site?
A. If your company has a relevant press release please Contact us. If considered appropriate, it will be posted on the site.

General Questions

Q. Why was the Medical Device In Scotland created?
A. The Medical Device In Scotland was created to assist companies to start up and expand in the medical device field in Scotland. The Institute aims to assist entrepreneurs in the development of their products and to draw attention to Scotland as a world leading region for the medical device industry.

Q. Where is the Medical Device In Scotland hosted?
A. The Medical Device Institute is hosted in London. The main offices are located in the heart of the Lanarkshire Medipark in Scotland.

Q. What privacy and confidentiality policy does the site have?
A. Please see our Privacy Statement.

Q. How do I get in touch with the Medical Device In Scotland?
A. Please Contact us.

Q. Would you like to be informed of my thoughts and comments?
A. YES! We are a customer focused company and would love to hear about all comments and ideas. Please Contact us.

Q. My question isn't here. What do I do now?
A. If you've read down this far then you've guessed it... Please Contact Us. We will contact you if we can answer your question.
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