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Scottish Health Innovations is an independent, non profit distributing company, owned by Scottish Enterprise and Highlands and Islands Enterprise, established to provide services to NHSScotland. Led by a Board drawn from the Funders and the private sector, Scottish Health Innovations comprises a multi-skilled team of 7 who can give high quality advice and assistance to inventors and researchers including advice on market application, intellectual property protection, raising finance and in general, on how best to "exploit the technology".

IRC Scotland assists Scottish companies to trade in Europe through technology transfer means e.g. collaborative research, manufacturing agreements, licensing, joint ventures.  It is funded by the European Commission, Scottish Enterprise and Highlands & Islands Enterprise to assist Scottish organisations to identify technology partners to take their research, products or processes into Europe.  It also provides access to the latest innovations coming from Europe.  Furthemore, IRC Scotland is responsible for helping Scottish organisations to access R&D funds through Framework Six, the European Commission's Collaborative leading edge R&D Programme for universities, research institutions and industry.

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In our Online Library section we've put together links to some of the best medical bookshops on the net. We also have all sorts of general medical information.

Finally, if you are looking for help on how to use the site, or what it can offer you, please check out our FAQ section.


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Upcoming Events
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