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All taxation concerns are dealt with by the Inland Revenue.

Income Tax
The UK operates a progressive income tax scheme. There is a lower percentage of tax incurred on lower incomes and a higher percentage on higher incomes.

Tax Allowances
Approximately the first £4500 of earned income is tax free.

Corporate Tax
Small companies pay approximately a quarter of their taxable profit in tax and larger companies pay a third.

National Insurance
Generally employee and employer both pay approximately 12% of their top-line salary as National Insurance contributions. These payments are then used to financially assist the contributor should they become unemployed.

Value Added Tax (VAT)
This sales tax is levied on all goods except the following:

  • Food

  • Children’s Clothes

  • Children’s Shoes.
    The standard rate is 17.5% on top of the sales price.

    All VAT matters are dealt with by Customs and Excise, who have several office locations in Scotland


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