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Visa Requirements

All foreign nationals who wish to enter the UK must pass through immigration.
Satisfaction of the Immigration officer at the port of arrival and compliance
to the requirements of the UK Immigration Rules are compulsory.

It is often necessary to obtain a valid entry clearance before arrival.

Entry Clearance

An entry clearance is a visa issued to an individual prior to travelling
to the UK. If you have an entry clearance you will not be refused entrance
into the UK on arrival unless there is an indication that:

  • There has been a material change of circumstance
  • False information
    has been used
  • Disclosure of important facts had been withheld
  • The
    individual holds a criminal records
  • The individual is in possession
    of a deportation order
  • There are medical grounds which prevent entry

  • There is an exceptional reason for non admission

    The Immigration Act of 1971 outlines the law and the statements of changes
    in the UK immigration rules.

    If you are a national of an EC Member State, including Iceland and Norway,
    the rules of entry to the UK are slightly different. If you can claim
    British citizenship or have another connection to the UK, the laws are
    different again. Details requirements can be obtained from the nearest
    British Mission.

    If you are a national of one of the following and wish to visit the
    UK then entry clearance is not required:

  • European Union
  • United States of America
  • Canada
  • Japan.

    Unless you are an EU citizen then you must obtain entry clearance if
    you wish to:

  • Settle in The UK
  • Work in the UK*
  • Set up business in the UK
  • Live in the UK as a person on independent
  • Join somebody coming to the UK
    for any of the above circumstances.

    * unless you are in possession of a
    work permit.

    Application for Entry Clearance

    An IM2A**This form must be completed to
    apply for entry clearance. These can be obtained free of charge from certain
    British Missions. If the Mission in your city cannot process your category
    of application, they will advise acccordingly.

    ** And related forms if applicable.
    Biotec Scottish Enterprise Handbook.

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