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Lojigma International Limited

Parent CompanyN/A
Product RangeLojigma is manufacturer of technical textile products and garments
we are continuously developing new products and would be pleased to give advice on any performance textile based product for use in a Healthcare application. Using a number of specialist
OperationOperating room: Surgical gowns, surgical drapes, clean air suits (in GORETM or ROTECNO® medical fabrics to comply with EN 13795), clogs, scrub suits and warm-up jackets. Emergency Department: Liquid repellent departmental uniforms for doctors and nurses (ECRO® fabric)
Emergency Response (outdoor) high visibility garments
polyester-cotton uniforms. Available with departmental badges. Emergency and Disaster: protective clothing for medical teams, ambulance, helicopter and Fire: with CROSSTECHTM blood and viral barrier
NOMEX® flame resistant fabrics
waterproof and breathable. Available with name plates front and back. BASICS: doctors high visibility weather protection jackets, trousers and one piece suits with name plates (comply with EN 471). ICU Uniforms, Hospital Uniforms, Departmental uniforms. CSSD and Pharmacy: packing area/ cleanroom garments, hats and footwear. Gown, Gowns, Surgical Gown, Barrier Gown, Reusable Gown, OR Gown, Operating Room Gown, Rotecno Gown, Gore Gown, ASSIST Gown, Packing area gown, CSSD Gown, Liquid repellent Gown, Charnley Gown, Pathology Gown, lab Gown, Laboratory Gown, Drape, Drapes, Surgical Drape, Barrier Drapes, Reusable Drape, OR Drape, Operating Room Drape, Rotecno Drape, Gore Drape, Orthopaedic Drapes, square Drapes, Split-U Drapes, Universal Drapes, Fenestrated Drape, Gynae Drapes, General Surgery Drapes, Eye Drapes, Ear Drapes, Cysto Drapes, Cardio Drapes, Abdominal Drape, Lithotomy Drapes, Arthroscopy Drape, Knee Drape, Arthroscopy drape, Thyroid drape, Urology Drapes, Scrub Suits, Reversible Scrub Suits, clean air suits, LOJIGMA, GORE, Gore surgical barrier, Gore-Tex, ROTECNO, ECRO, RANSAL, ROCOT, ROCOM, ROPHOBO, Technical Textile, Cleanroom Suit, Cleanroom Smock, Cleanroom Garment. Cleanroom Footwear, Cleanroom Hood, Cleanroom Clogs, Clogs, Washable Clogs, Sterilisable Clogs, Operating Room Clogs, Operating Theatre Clogs, CSSD suits, CSSD packing area clothing, CSSD smocks, Hospital Uniforms, Emergency Department Uniforms, Liquid repellent uniforms, Nurses Uniforms, ICU uniforms, protective garments, doctors uniforms, doctors clothing, A & E uniforms, bacterial barrier garments, bacterial barrier clothing, stretcher, sterile wrap, barrier wrap, tray wrap, warm up jacket, warm-up jacket, MAYO cover, Operating Theatre Towel, OR Towel, Operating Room Towel, Legging, garment repair patch, textile sewing, contract sewing, barcoded garments, NOMEX, CROSSTECH, BASICS, helicopter protective clothing, ambulance protective clothing, High Visibility protective clothing, Blood and viral barrier clothing,
MDDr S. R. Patel
ContactMr John Duncan, Marketing Director
AddressUnit 4 Block 19 Ridgeway
Donibristle Industrial Park, Dalgety Bay
KY11 9JN
Quality SystemsIISO 9001: 2000
ServicesUsing a number of specialist fabrics from companies such as Rotecno AG (ROTECNO® , ECRO® and RANSAL® fabrics) and W L Gore & Associates (GORETM medical fabric and CROSSTECHTM fabric), we are able to produce products of the highest performance for indoor and outdoor use.
Phone01383 822003
Fax01383 822007
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