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Andersen Caledonia Limited

Parent CompanyN/A
Product RangeSterilisation of medical devices by ethylene oxide. Laboratory services to medical device and pharmaceutical industries including cleanroom validation and monitoring.
OperationAndersen Caledonia offers ethylene oxide sterilisation, sterile packing and manufacturing support for medical device manufacturers. Dual 9 pallet chambers provide industrial capacity, with small volume capability available. The company’s microbiological laboratory offers high quality testing: bioburdens, fluid particulates, endotoxin testing, cleanroom monitoring and validation services. Provides low temperature Ethylene Oxide sterilisation for UK hospitals. The five-day program, including transportation, is efficient and economical. More than 30 trusts regularly utilise the service. Microbiological testing, washer-disinfectant testing (HTM2030) and cleanroom monitoring services are available by our ISO registered laboratory. Provides contract sterilisation packing, laboratory services and consultancy to medical device manufacturers. Manufactures AN10 nasogastric tubes, Shirley Wounds drains, single use silicone wound drains and electric suction pumps.
MDMr Jonathan Lintott
AddressCaledonian House, Phoenix Crescent
Strathclyde Business Park
Quality SystemsISO 9001:2000 , EN46002, ISO 13488, EN4600
Phone01698 844476
Fax01698 844481
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