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Ahlstrom Chirnside Ltd

Parent CompanyN/A
OperationAhlstrom's manufactures fabrics for a variety of single use medical applications including facemasks, drapes, gowns and sterilisation wrap. In all cases, the performance is tailored to the exact requirements of the application providing cost effective solutions to any situation. The product performances available cover a wide range up to, and including, a comfortable viral barrier fabric. Ranked among the top 10 nonwoven manufacturers, our engineered fabrics are also used in industrial products as well as everyday consumer products, e.g tea bags and wipes. We are a leading supplier of engine filtration products to the transport industries. And our expertise in reinforcement composites, serves the energy, marine, sporting goods and transport sectors. Please visit our other website
ContactGraham Duncan
TD11 3JW
Phone+44 (0)1890 819 294
Fax+44 (0)1890 818 256
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