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Key facts about venture capital in the UK


'Report on Investment Activity' by the BVCA

'The Economic Impact of Venture Capital in the UK' by the BVCA

  • The UK industry is the largest and most developed in
    Europe, accounting for 49% of the total annual venture capital investment,
    second only to the USA in world importance.
  • The UK venture capital industry has invested over 35
    billion (29 billion in the UK) in close to 19,000 companies since 1983.
  • Over 1 billion was invested in UK high tech companies
    in 1999.
  • In 1999 over 1 billion of new funds were raised for
    future investments in high tech companies.

    A major recent survey demonstrated that:

  • Venture backed companies create more jobs.
  • Venture backed companies boost the UK economy.
  • Over the four years to 1998, venture backed companies
    increased their staff levels by three times that of FTSE 100 companies
    and almost 60% faster than companies in the FTSE Mid-250.
  • Over two million people in the UK are estimated to be
    employed by companies backed by investment from British venture capital.
  • 95% of the companies could not have existed or would
    have grown less rapidly without venture capital.
  • The majority of firms said that with venture capital
    backing their level of employment and investments were higher than would
    have been otherwise possible.
  • The first survey was published in June 1996. Since then
    employment, sales, exports and investment among venture backed companies
    has increased at a faster rate each year than the national growth rates.
  • The number of people employed in venture backed companies
    increased by 24% p.a., whereas the national growth rate was only 1.3%

    Percentage increase in employment rates per p.a.

  • On average venture backed companies increased sales by
    40% p.a., or twice as fast as FTSE 100 companies profits by 24% p.a
    exports by 44% p.a. compared with a national growth rate of 8% investment
    by 34% p.a. compared with a national increase of 7%

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