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Cascade Technologies Ltd

Parent CompanyN/A
Product RangeHighly sensitive realtime Gas analysers that can be configured for Breath Analysis The sensing technique is based on Quantum Cascade Lasers applied to spectroscopy in the Mid Infra Red region
OperationCascades Trace Gas analysers can be applied to the detection of markers in the breath for different diseases. NO for stress and Asmatha, Ammonia for ulcers, Ketones for kidney disease, and methane, and ethane for other diseases.

The products also have applications in the pharmaceutical industry for process analysis and quality assurance. Cascade Technologies technique pinpoints traces of specific gases present in the breath when a person has a medical condition, this could help the NHS save considerable amounts of money by giving instant results, replacing blood and urine tests.
The company also works in emissions monitoring, explosives detection and toxic and chemical weapons detection.
ContactRichard Cooper
AddressUnit A, Logie Court
Stirling Innovation Park
Quality SystemsISO 9000 2000 (Part 1) in process
Phone+44 (0)1786 447721
Fax+44 (0)1786 475822
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